Rosenlew Museum is now part of the European Route of Industrial Heritage

Rosenlew Museum has joined the European Route of Industrial Heritage (ERIH) in May 2024.

ERIH is a cultural route certified by the Council of Europe that has over 300 members in 30 countries. The purpose of the route is to share the European industrial heritage and promote sustainable travel.

The newly created Finnish Industrial Heritage route (Teollisuusperintöreitti) has 19 sites, and the members in Satakunta region form the official ERIH West Coast Regional Route. The Anchor point of the route is Rosenlew Museum, and the other members on the route include Ahlström Ironworks in Noormarkku, Leineperi Ironworks, Friitala leather museum and Kauttua Ironworks.

For more information on ERIH visit and for the West Coast Regional Route go to