Arrival and Accessibility 

Rosenlew-museo ja Lempi-veistos. Kuva Mikael Leppäniemi.

The Rosenlew Museum address: Kuninkaanlahdenkatu 14, 28100 Pori 

The Rosenlew Museum is located to the south of river Kokemäenjoki, at close vicinity to the Aittaluoto industrial park (UPM, Corex) gates, at Kuninkaanlahdenkatu 14. 

Rosenlew Museum is a European Disability Card location. 

Assistants to disabled people have a free entry to Rosenlew Museum. 


The Market Sqaure: 1,0 km. About 15 minutes’ walk. 

Pori Transport Hub: 2,2 km. 

The closest bus stop is the Keski-Porin kirkko stop at Yrjönkatu, about 700 metres from the museum. See Porin Linjat local bus route map

The long-distance coaches stop at the transport hub. The railway station is adjacent to the transport hub. 

Airport: about 4 km by car. 


The Rosenlew Museum building is a two-storeyed warehouse building made of red bricks. On the brick wall of the museum is a text Rosenlew-museo. 

On the flat asphalt yard there is a statue with many cast metal letters and a red metal wheel. 

Rosenlew Museum has a free parking area, with an unhindered passage to the museum door.
Charter buses can let passengers out and pick them up in front of the main door.

There is a bicycle stand next to the Rosenlew Museum main door. 

The door is accessible by stairs (5 steps) or a ramp.

Next to the door there is a doorbell, which is answered by the museum staff, who will assist in opening the door, for example. 


The ticket sales and information desk are on the ground floor of the building, to the left from the entrance.

The cloakroom is straight in front of the entrance, on both sides of the elevator.

There is an accessible elevator in the Rosenlew Museum.

There is an accessible toilet in the museum.

The toilet is universally accessible

The baby nappy changing table is in the universally accessible toilet.
The universally accessible toilet is equipped with a potty and a baby nappy changing mat and table.
There is a lendable stroller in the museum lobby.

There is a separate men’s toilet in the museum.

There is a lendable wheelchair in the museum. 

Guide and assistance dogs are welcome to the museum.
Ask the information desk for a water bowl for assistance dogs.

Museum shop and a water cooler 

There is a small museum shop in the museum. 

There is a water cooler for public use in the museum, but there isn’t a café or an automatic coffee vending machine. 

The exhibition rooms 

Photographing without flashlight is allowed in the museum exhibition facilities. 

The temporary exhibition room is on the ground floor. 

The permanent exhibition is on the first floor. The first floor can be reached by stairs and the accessible elevator. 

The Rosenlew Museum exhibition facilities are accessible. 

The first floor and the permanent exhibition can be reached by the accessible elevator. 

In the permanent exhibition there are two ramps with handrails. 

Guided tours can be adapted for groups with special needs.

Adjacent to the museum exhibition facilities on the first floor there is the meeting and workshop room Laari. 

The museum occasionally arranges guided workshops related to exhibition themes. The workshops can be adapted to groups with special needs.